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Abundant Aging seeks to provide information and inspiration on improving our lives as we grow older. This podcast is produced by United Church Homes, where senior living becomes abundant life. To learn more and subscribe to the show visit abundantagingpodcast.com.



Ashley Bills 00:08
Hello, and welcome to the abundant aging podcast series from United Church Homes. We are your hosts, Ashley and Mike. And in this series, we will explore something we all have in common aging, we will discuss valuable tips for caring for older adults through interviews and perspectives from our seasoned professionals, about all things aging in America, we believe there are things to look forward to at every stage of life, and that aging creates an ever-increasing richness that can bring joy to you and those you care about. That’s what we call abundant aging.

Michael Hughes 00:41
That’s right, and we have a couple of shows we’d like to introduce the first is As a Naviguide. For decades, United Church Homes has used its navigation program to support the needs of residents in the housing communities that we own and manage. So it’s very likely that a stressful issue with things like insurance, hospitalizations, safety issues, and everyday aging has been supported by a member of our navigation team at some point over the history of the program. So if you’re going through a stressful age-related issue for the first time, it’s likely it’s something that we’ve dealt with hundreds of times, and we’ll be recalling our stories so that you can pick up tips that can help with your own situation. And we’ll be doing it in our practical, down-to-earth style that hopefully makes sense to you. I mean, when you take healthcare for example, it seems like there are whole new languages to understand as you would deal with diagnosis, care, transitions, and insurance, so we’re hoping to clear some of the air but gosh, Ashley, is that the only show that we got in the hopper, it’s not.

Ashley Bills 01:33
You can also expect tips on healthy aging and longevity. And we’re not just talking about doctor’s visits. Abundant Aging is looking at what gets better as you age, not what declines. We’re talking about the richness of life as you gain perspective, knowledge, and maybe even a little bit more patience. These are stories and tips we want to bring to you to help you age abundantly from those that consider age is just a number and not something that keeps them from growing and seeking joy in their lives. We’ll also talk about ageism in Western society, pointing out where we may be discounting those that are older and finding humor and outdated views.

Michael Hughes 02:12
So please take a listen and subscribe if you enjoy what you’re hearing. You can find us at the abundant aging podcast.com. And when you visit, you’ll also have the opportunity to leave us a message and let us know if you like what you’re hearing and even suggest ideas for shows in the future. And if you want to find out more about United Church Homes and all that we offer, you can find us at unitedchurchhomes.org. Thanks for listening. Until next time.